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Capturing Your Dance In The Rain is such a thrill and joy to me. Being able to look back on those special times through beautiful artistic imagery makes it a worthwhile challenge.
Learning to Dance in the Rain has been very easy for me. I am drawn to Water & Life! The exciting part for me is to teach you to enjoy your moment in the dance as I capture it from behind my camera.
Looking forward to Capturing Your Dance In The Rain
CJ Wilkes

Adding Haze or Light

This is a quick tutorial using images from my cell phone because – I want to do it quickly. This is in CS3. You can do this in CS6 as

well. I am starting out with an image that has a bit of a bright spot on top where they sky is shining through already. It just helps

me to direction where the light source should or will come from. I have circled it for you to see what I am talking about.


I then created a blank layer. Selected a warm color so you can view what is happening easily. Found a round soft brush, lowered

the opacity of the brush to 20 so I could have control of the painting.  Then I painted along the top where the bright spot is and

then in the middle, painted more so it was not so faded. In a sunspot, the middle will be darker or brighter and as the haze

moves out it fades.


It does not have to be perfect… this is just how I chose to create the design to start with for this image.  Now I start free

transforming. I am on a PC so the shortcut is Control+t. If you look at the mini squares around the box… that is what I am going

to use to pull out and change the shape of this paint job.


I started by pulling it horizontally so I knew it would spread along the bright spot at the top.



Next I started to change it so that it stretched vertically


You can see it altering it’s look and feel as it spreads. I then adjust the image, stretch here and there until I have it in the spot I

want. (I am so sorry for my messy desk. It is obviously time to dust hahahaha)



It looks fine in that spot. I double click on the free transform so it sets it how I have stretched it.  So now I decided I want to see

the color options and lighting options. I change the mode of my layer. This first one is set at luminosity. I love the white on a

blue setting. This would work great if I lowered the opacity of the layer slightly. However, this is set at 100% opacity.

This first image is the before the haze image.


This next is at 100% Luminosity. A nice haze. You can lower the haze to your liking.


This mode is  Overlay set at 50%


Here is Soft light at 100%


Here is Pin light 100%


Pin light pleasantly surprised me by turning my butter yellow to a pink.


I lowered the pinlight mode paint layer to 49%

The great thing is that now I can do a layer on top where I have the flare and can add some yellow to make a spectacular sky with fun hues.

Sorry for the sloppy put together, but hopefully you get the gist of what is needed to be done to create this look. It is quite simple and just takes a moment to do or create.

~ Cindy


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