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Capturing Your Dance In The Rain is such a thrill and joy to me. Being able to look back on those special times through beautiful artistic imagery makes it a worthwhile challenge.
Learning to Dance in the Rain has been very easy for me. I am drawn to Water & Life! The exciting part for me is to teach you to enjoy your moment in the dance as I capture it from behind my camera.
Looking forward to Capturing Your Dance In The Rain
CJ Wilkes

Right in Camera?

I hear all the time – well if you get it right in camera. Yes, getting it right is important – But what is right?! Stop and think about it.

I enjoy editing and sometimes I know that if I underexpose for some situations I will be able to not worry about blown skin or highlights. If I boost my exposure some then I can fill in the shadows more if I like.

Personally – The natural light feel is what works for me, but then I have heard some people say that Natural Light is for those who do not know how to use OCF (Off Camera Flash) or lights.  I say – WRONG.  I have worked with both and can use both equally well. I still prefer the natural light look for most situations… especially outdoors, unless I am using street lights or a vehicle…. or plausible source of light for the setting.

Then there is the issue of color. You are limited with a camera when you hit the shutter key – that is what you get. Once you take your images into LR or PS you can tweak colors individually so as to help compose a masterpiece. I actually prefer PS because I love how I can play with those colors in layers to marry together the perfect combination.


For me – this is right in camera for what I do. I wanted this exact Before so I could create this After. Could not be happier.  When it comes down to it you truly need to evaluate what you are doing and what you want in the end. There is more than one right answer. Like many things, there is often more than one way to go about achieving the desired look. Another thing to consider is that once you do understand the rules… they are yours to break as you see fit.

Don’t get discouraged – learn to make lemonade if you have lemons. In this case – I had just what I wanted and needed :)








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