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Capturing Your Dance In The Rain is such a thrill and joy to me. Being able to look back on those special times through beautiful artistic imagery makes it a worthwhile challenge.
Learning to Dance in the Rain has been very easy for me. I am drawn to Water & Life! The exciting part for me is to teach you to enjoy your moment in the dance as I capture it from behind my camera.
Looking forward to Capturing Your Dance In The Rain
CJ Wilkes

Mrs. Amberlee Harder

A childhood girlfriend of mine came from a family of 10 children.  We had so much fun in school.  The greatest part of it is that we got along with the entire family and they with ours.  We often spent time having dinners and parties together.  A beautiful family!  Well, her baby sister grew up and moved away to have a family of her own.  She has also blossomed into a great business owner of her own photography business in Oregon/Idaho area ~ Perfect Moments Photography.  She was in my area just last week – so we had her stop in and stay the night.  The next day we went and did a mini photo shoot in my area.  It was so fun to play with this sweet talented dear of a girl!!!  Thank you A.  After that we drove out to Yakima and shot a wedding until 10 pm at which point we both drove in opposite directions to our own homes.  The coolest part is that we checked up on each other every 3 minutes or so to make sure we were safe.  It was so nice to feel loved by a great friend after a fantastic day of shooting.  We both made it home around 1 am sound and safe.  Here are the results of her shoot.


Mrs. Amberlee Harder


I could use more days like this where I get to just play.  Thanks again Amberlee :)

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5 Responses to “Mrs. Amberlee Harder”

  1. Aimee says:

    Beautiful! Great job Cindy! I bet you girls had so much fun!!!!!!!!

  2. Tessa Linden says:

    Lovely images. Beautiful location too. Nice compositions and conversions.

  3. rose says:

    Gorgeous images! Such a beautiful location!

  4. Clarice says:

    She’s beautiful. I love being able to just shoot for yourself! Lovely images!

  5. Corine Tran says:

    Gorgeous girl and lighting. Love the b/w

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