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Capturing Your Dance In The Rain is such a thrill and joy to me. Being able to look back on those special times through beautiful artistic imagery makes it a worthwhile challenge.
Learning to Dance in the Rain has been very easy for me. I am drawn to Water & Life! The exciting part for me is to teach you to enjoy your moment in the dance as I capture it from behind my camera.
Looking forward to Capturing Your Dance In The Rain
CJ Wilkes

In the Green

Nathanya is a child that has subtle facial expression changes – but makes for some extremely awesome dramatic shots.  She had decided that she wanted to have her pictures taken in the trees.  I was shocked since she loves the beach, but very excited because she is not one that does much more than make mud castles LOL.  So we went and played in the trees!  We had so much fun in the woods.

Here is what we came up with.








I have to share what happened here on this last take from this log.  She was sitting there and says – There is a spider on me!!!  I asked if she could flick it off her so she says ok and just flicked it off.  When she did I see this HUGE thing fly from her lap!!!  This was no little spider – she did not scream at all, but had had it with that log.  LOL  Thus this lovely shot which is a personal favorite.  I actually have many favorites from this day.




I love the innocence of children – they make me smile whether they are on the beach, in the playground, or in the woods.  They are darling ~ and capturing them in their element fills my happy cup!

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28 Responses to “In the Green”

  1. Kara says:

    I have LOVED looking through the last few sessions of your kiddos. You do such a WONDERFUL job capturing them!!

  2. Beautiful, dramatic images, such a lovely outfit, perfect for the setting. Gorgeous work!

  3. Leanne says:

    Just gorgeous Cindy. I can see her playfulness and love of nature through these amazing images. Awesome work Mom!

  4. Kristi says:

    Beautiful! Love the location and her little face!

  5. Jennifer B says:

    Beautiful Cindy, she looks like a little woodland fairy :)

  6. Robbie says:

    Gosh, how will you choose! As I scrolled through, I would think OH that’s my favorite but then I’d see another and think ‘OH that’s my favorite. LOL Just lovely…

  7. Cindy says:

    She really is very expressive and captured that beautifully! Love the location and the bw ones are amazing!

  8. Clarice says:

    Oh I love the foresty feel here and the lighting is just divine. She is such a cute child and you captured some wonderful images!

  9. These are absolutely GORGEOUS. I LOVE your locations (I’m a pacific NW girl at heart and miss the beautiful green SO much) and your daughter is just stunning. She looks like an old soul to me. Really gorgeous work.

  10. Sophie says:

    These are gorgeous! She is so beautiful, and your compositions and processing are just lovely! What an awesome location!

  11. I love all her expressions! She’s so beautiful!

  12. Those are GORGEOUS!!!!! Awesome location, perfect little model!

  13. Conni says:

    Gorgeous location and beautiful girl – what a fabulous combination for a photographer! Great work!

  14. Sarah says:

    She’s beautiful Cindy!

  15. Karen Byker says:

    So cute!! What an amazing location!!!

  16. rose says:

    These are just stunning! Love the location…all the green and the brown dress…the black and whites are gorgeous too!

  17. Aimee says:

    Pure awesome! Reminds me of a Twighlight photoshoot!!!! :)

  18. Tori Piercy says:

    She is so pretty! Love that location! Great job!

  19. Melissa says:

    These are beautiful! I love the deep, rich colors, and she is absolutely adorable.

  20. Stacie says:

    These are so lovely. Just gorgeous portraits. Gorgeous.

  21. Kori says:

    I love your lighting in these. Beautiful!

  22. Heather E says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous. I feel like we are seeing into her soul. Beautiful!

  23. Jennifer says:

    Great session – the fourth image really stopped me in my tracks!

  24. April says:

    What a great location. It’s very magical looking. My fave is that 7th shot.

  25. Corine Tran says:

    Gorgeous lighting and location and beautiful little girl. Great session!

  26. Third from the bottom is my favorite, the true Nathanya.

  27. Anya says:

    Gorgeous! LOVE that first one especially .

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