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Capturing Your Dance In The Rain is such a thrill and joy to me. Being able to look back on those special times through beautiful artistic imagery makes it a worthwhile challenge.
Learning to Dance in the Rain has been very easy for me. I am drawn to Water & Life! The exciting part for me is to teach you to enjoy your moment in the dance as I capture it from behind my camera.
Looking forward to Capturing Your Dance In The Rain
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Invites, Postcards, Announcements… and more

Friday, February 1st, 2013

We have options, options, and more options. The options are limitless. Christmas cards, Wedding announcements, Postcards, we even make bookmarks that are a hit at Valentine’s!  Here are just a few for you to look at. I will bring more to you in the near future. Although great to look at, it does not even compare to seeing and feeling them in person. Everyone that has examined these are wowed. Your images truly shine and are complimented perfectly in these printing formats. When you choose a card I will custom design the card for you. We discuss and I give you the option to switch it up or keep it as is. The goal is to make you happy with what you are getting.

I have to say that that Christmas card was one of my favorites. Not only are the kids cute – but the template works perfect for families or children. It is a definite favorite!

I have to say that my 4×9 wedding announcements have had the best feedback! Everyone of my couples have had the greatest response to how amazing these look! Each time I have opened up a new set for examination I just ooo and aaaa myself. What else is cool is that they fit perfectly in a legal size envelope. These cards make sending announcements quite affordable.

The colors are brilliant. There are other sizes and uses for the post card style. You can use them as High School Senior announcements or advertising.

I have also made calendars from these to hand out examples of my own work, made bookmarks for my children, I cannot say enough great things about these.

I am a perfectionist and I have to have my colors just right! I have to have my quality just right – after all, these represent myself as an artist. If you would like a sample of this sent to you feel free to contact us requesting an announcement sample with your address and I will mail it out to you.

It started with my kiddos…

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Photography became serious because of my kiddos. I love and always have loved photography, but my kids are what helped me take it to the next level. I wanted great work of them on my walls and in books. So when I take time out to spotlight them, I don’t feel bad at all. My children are the reason I am able to do this all for you too. They are super sports willing to do anything for the perfect shoot.  ***I do not put my kids in danger, nor any of my clients. Everyone’s safety is my first priority*** Basically, the kids are willing to take their coats off and face the wind and chill to get the “look or shot”.
We live near a jetty that just adds a certain element to the beach shoots. I kept thinking – what a fantastic spot! I have to take my kiddos there. Christmas came and the kids received some awesome clothes – it was set! I had to take them there for pictures :)

Just before sharing the images I want to talk about clothes. People always ask me what to wear in a photo shoot. My suggestion is this… Matchy Matchy does not always work, but sometimes it does.  Sometimes I dress my girls alike and then my boys, but I mix it up slightly by having them in different colors than the other. So they don’t all have RED or all WHITE or all GREY. In the images below you will see that my boys all have 1/4 zip sweaters and the girls are in sweater dresses.  It worked out beautifully in my opinion.  I love that the sweater theme was the same, but the colors are mixed. I chose some colors that work really well with each other. Red, White, Black, Gray.  The boys all chose to wear the pants that they wanted. I think my oldest even chose to wear khaki’s LOL.  Usually I would say 3 or 5 main colors but a touch of white or cream  or black does not really count as a color all of the time.
In images words don’t always look great. Patterns are fine if you try to match it with a solid. If you don’t want anyone really matching like my kids do here – then choose Sunday dress, dress/casual, casual, PJ’s and then choose a set of colors…  Blue, Pink, Cream or Mustard, Gray, Black, with a touch of red or maroon.  Make sure that the colors are in the same family. You don’t want a Navy and a teal and an aqua blue.  Each blue is a different blue. Finding a color in the same tone is important. If you have to take a shirt with  you or a color swatch.

I am going to be posting some color ideas in the short future. I think  you will love the ideas. :)  Now some amazing picks of my babies.  Yes, I have mommy goggles. I know it and don’t care. You will see that each child has their own personality. Oh… and know that even my children (children of a photographer) are not easy to shoot. These kiddos made me WORK for these shots. LOL It is all part of being a kid and I love it!

You have to see this too. This was a highlight to our photo shoot. Look behind the kids in the water. There is a seal. Actually, there were 3 that kept bopping in and out of the water. The kids got a kick out of that.

I love to take pics of my kids looking at the camera of coarse because I love to see their faces… but the pics that thrill me are the ones that show their personalities or what I see on a daily basis. My one daughter is always in her own little world. She does not scream for the lime light ~ in fact, she is a quiet little soul most of the time. She is very difficult to photograph because I can rarely get eye contact from her. I don’t mind though because that is her. This next shot with her and her siblings happens to be a very favorite of mine.

When there are young kids I don’t like to mix the poses up very much. They are already out of their comfort zone with someone taking their pictures. Getting the shot is a big deal for these little guys. I do change things up though when I break into smaller groups or individual shots. It really all depends on the children and what they are telling me with how they respond to it all.  Actually, I find it is harder on the parents than the children LOL. Parents, even if your babies cry… it is ok. Your kids will never offend me. Crying is ok. Your caring for  your babies is ok. Never a need to apologize. In fact… those crying babies make for some cute pics too :) I have some arguing sisters in these next few pics that we totally get a kick out of here at home!

Funny thing is that we always tell them that one moment they are enemies and the next they are best friends. This was just one very small moment and we have it recorded for time. Hahaha. For the most part they are so good to each other. I like getting them in their element talking to each other or looking at the seals or watching their brothers. These are my daughters. They can look pretty at the camera… but it is all the other looks that as a mom mean something to me. As a photographer the different crops and angles are fun too.

My boys seriously crack me up! They each have such different personalities and are little goofballs. Samuel loves to cheese it up BIG time! LOL Edmond is a ham who loves to pose or be the center of  attention. The little man is definitely a youngest child. Jared is a young man. So responsible – but he does love attention too. He is not one for taking his picture so he does not always cooperate, but then he will let his personality shine. He is so awesome. Love that boy!

What is a photo shoot if each individual can’t shine for themselves? There is no way I could let these cuties dressed in their best get away without letting them each have their own moment. I usually ask where the child would like their pics or let them do their own thing while I go all paparazzi on them. This time Jared went and found a stick and was roaming around. Of coarse Samuel and Edmond had to pick up sticks too. Instead they were playing king of the mound LOL.  My girls were dancing, jumping, twirling in the wind. Nathanya is like a little dear bouncing and walking on air. Miriam loves to leap and just do her thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.

Anyone who knows Jared knows that this is him! I am glad I spend time with each child waiting for the real them to pop out. This is the one I look on and think… now that is my boy! The boy who thrives on the smiles, laughs, and attention. The other images are cool, fun, and something to be proud of but this one is the one that touches my heart strings!

Samuel disguises himself as serious then changes in a split of a second. He just makes me laugh as I literally watch his brain in motion in each shot.

Sir Edmond! He begs me to get the camera out and go take pictures of him. He cracks me up!

Nathanya was not in the mood for a photo shoot today which is not unusual. She was not angry. She was not cooperative either. She kept her hands right inside her sleeves to keep them warm. In an image it is not ideal to have the hands not showing, but this is the way she likes to walk around every day. She has no body fat so any extra warmth she will take. The images are not being added to a contest… these are for me and our family.  I love that she is being her.  When we look back on it we can say – remember how  you always…. We still got some very fun shots from her playing on her own.

This is how she travels normally. She almost walks on air.

Ok mom – I think this is old news now! LOL

And last but not least ~ although in birth order she is first, is our Miriam.  All I have to do is ask her to go do her thing… and she does.

There you have it… My kids in our little world.

8th day of Christmas

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

On the 8th day of Christmas CJ Wilkes gives to you!

3rd Day of Christmas

Friday, December 10th, 2010

It is the 3rd day of Christmas.  Time for the next offer.  Hope you are all enjoying these.  This next one will be posted after the next question is answered.

Question:  Can these offers go towards Wedding Packages or Events?

Answer:  Yes!!!  I will allow these offers to be combined with ANY of my bundles or packages.  This will simply go hand and hand with any of my current bundles or packages.   However – they will not be included with “Specials”.  Specials are anything that is not in my permanent pricing plan.  Something that is discounted for a specific reason and not the norm.   The reason for that is that often my specials are usually set so that you are getting your very best BANG for your BUCK and combining offers with those specials would put me into it negatively.  I am sure you all understand.

Fantastic Question – Thank you!

Ok – here is the offer for Day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas Special!!!

2nd Day of Christmas!!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas :)  Are you ready?  Here comes…

Oh wait – I thought I would take a moment to explain something that several of you have asked.  Do I travel?  YES.  I travel all over the world.  Will I travel for a photo shoot?  YES.  You can contact me directly to get a quote on traveling fees.  Do I add obnoxious prices to travel?  NO!  I am a cheapO when it comes to traveling.  That is good for my clients.  I travel the cheapest airfare, I stay in comfortable but inexpensive locations, and I pass those prices on directly to my clients.  I have even had my clients book it for me at times so they can see that that is the price they are paying and not some random number I am throwing out there.

So to answer the question of if I travel and will it be cost effective to my clients?  YES – most emphatically YES.  :)  For anyone who knows me – I am a mom of 5 adorable children (They are adorable because they are MINE!!!) but I also cherish those times I can go and replenish myself with me time… and that is done by doing what I love best – Taking pictures of YOU!!!

Are you ready to see today’s deal?  Good because I am the worse at keeping secrets – I am more impatient than the ones who are waiting to open the gift.  I just wish I had a camera on your end to see your face – that is the best part of opening a present or getting a surprise; seeing the look on the receivers face.

Starting the 12 days of Christmas !

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

There are different beliefs on when to start the 12 days of Christmas.  One is that the first day starts on either the 24th of December or Christmas Day, Another is the 12 days working up to Christmas Eve.   Well I am going to mix it up a tad and start it NOW!  Why?  Well Christmas is a time for family and friends – loved ones.  I feel strongly about that.  Besides my wanting to be with my family and friends…. I have to be honest and say that being a mom of 5 and trying to build and create traditions that last a lifetime will be keeping me ever so busy & I will need to keep my mind focused.  Otherwise I will miss a day or do something to mess up this event I want to share with all of you!!!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo without further ado I would like to start our 1st day of Christmas TODAY :)  Yes – Today!!!  That means it will end on the 19th.  So check daily for the newest post!!!  I plan on trying to get it changed by noon Pacific Time each day.


1 – Only 3 people will be able to claim the offer each day.  (Sorry, no exceptions.)  So this means if you really want the deal you will have to respond sooner than later.

2 – To get the claim you will need to contact me on my contact form http://www.CJWilkes.com  and pay the $150.00 session fee that is 100% applied to your purchase order in the end.  This reserves your session and claims your prize!

3 – These offers can be combined with bundles and packages – BUT are not to be used with any other specials.

4 – The offers are not redeemable for cash and all sales are final.

5 – All offers need to be redeemed in the year 2011.  You can reserve your date – and again – the sooner the better.  If a date is taken you will need to choose a different date.  First come first serve.

OK… now that that is out of the way here you go :)

12 Days of Christmas

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010


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