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Capturing Your Dance In The Rain is such a thrill and joy to me. Being able to look back on those special times through beautiful artistic imagery makes it a worthwhile challenge.
Learning to Dance in the Rain has been very easy for me. I am drawn to Water & Life! The exciting part for me is to teach you to enjoy your moment in the dance as I capture it from behind my camera.
Looking forward to Capturing Your Dance In The Rain
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Thursday, March 27th, 2014

People ask me what type of sessions I like to shoot.  Well, I don’t think I have a favorite per say. I love a mix of it all.  Individuals to groups. Girls, Guys, Infants, Maternity, High School Seniors, Couples, Brides. The fun part of doing a family session is the combination of personalities and ages. Getting everyone focused on a task or just to look in the correct direction. Having a challenge before me helps to keep my interest in what I am doing. Being able to defeat the challenge and bring amazing shots to the table is really what I enjoy! Because face it – What grouping or pose has not been done before?  It is not about that to me. Not at all. To me – it is the togetherness and learning to enjoy the moment.



How can you not love a family moment creating finger Hearts?!


Being an only boy cannot always be easy – but this boy is definitely a fun, intelligent, young man! He is the notch that completes this little group. I have to say – I was so impressed with the respect and mannerisms of all N’s children. This little guy was no exception. So fun to work with even after they traveled over 4 hours to spend some time with me, my camera, and my children.


Had it not been for the blonde hair, he would have not been discernible from my own bunch of boys. Sand in hand and all!


It still amazes me after seeing so many families that you can have such a variety of personalities! Those all brought together in one grouping, loving and caring for each other to make the perfect little unions. It is beautiful!


I have watched many families who have had to make it work with a single parent. My hat goes off to all you single parents. This gal amazes me! She works so so hard day in and day out for her family. Meeting them all it is easy to see that those children are so blessed to have such an amazing woman to call MOM.


I can honestly say that I aspire to be the type of person this woman is! Such a great time and experience for us all. I would love to have more sessions like this because I walk away feeling happy to just have spent a moment of time with them. Watching them play, interact, and just love being family.

Thanks N’s Family – Looking forward to the next session with you all!



Marya ~ Highschool Senior Photo Session

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

It has been such a long long time since I have posted any updates. I hope to get here and add all the work I have been doing. What a better way to start than by giving a sneak peak to the very latest shoot!? On top of that we have a video to share of the shoot courtesy of her Aunt Josephine. Huge Thank you!   This session was done on a Quinault Nation Beach. We were able to do it here since Marya’s father is Quinault and was there with us the entire time. Marya’s family is one of the sweetest families ever. It was such a pleasure being with them and taking Marya’s pictures. So here is the video and I will add just a few images that are ready to be shared. Enjoy!


There were Star fish EVERYWHERE! It was wild and fun and Marya looked like a mermaid – so beautiful!

We had fog, we had wind, we had water – so much fun!!!

Every there to love about this session. Perfect moments and a great model! I’ll have more to share with you shortly.  You did not think this was really it did you? Of coarse not! More outfits and wonderful shots to come – this is just the beginning!

10×10 & 12×12 Flush Mount Album

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Product as you requested. Here is a Flush Mounted Album. They lay flat, the pages are nice and thick. This particular one’s cover is all leather. I do have the option for leather spine and back with a photo cover. Those are simply gorgeous as well. It all comes down to what works best for you. As a photographer you come to realize that offering just one option from one company is not necessarily what is best for your clientele, for this reason I actually have a few companies that I do business with when making albums. When looking at the samples I have you can see and feel the style that actually works best for you. There are tons of options, so I search through those options looking for the best quality and designs that would intrigue you and show the work as it should. This particular manufacture does a lovely job. The pages are clean, finished beautifully. They also offer a manufacture guarantee for life (You will see the certificate in the images below.).

The 10×10 & 12×12 albums come with 20 spreads (40 pages). To explain what this means – if you open a book and lay it flat, you have before you 2 pages that appear as one long page. You can tell there are two pages by the crease down the middle, this is a spread. Each side individually is a page. Sorry to get into the small details… but when trying to describe the albums and how many pages a person has in an album people look at me like I am an alien, LOL. It isn’t until I break it down into small terms that the light bulb goes on. I get it completely.  The number of images in an album all depends on the template design. Usually, an album of this size can hold around 75 images. I usually ask a bride to select her favorite 100 images for me to design from. Now some albums may have less images while others more. Some brides want many pictures in the album while others want mostly large images, which will bring down the number of images used in a template. When discussing an album I try to ask many questions to get an idea of what you want your memory keepsake to look like, Simple, Decorative, Flamboyant, more pictures, less images, Favorite colors, anything to narrow it down to fit you perfectly. Your wedding or special event – photo session – also tells me so much about you, so I get some great ideas then too.

Since you cannot all hold and feel these we feel it is important that you see every detail possible. This is a client’s wedding album as you can see. I personally inspect each product that goes out my door. However when it comes to displays I purchase my very own, so that your product will be in your hands first (aside from myself and those that made it) If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Thank you!

Product ~ 8×8 hinged Album

Monday, December 17th, 2012

I have had multiple requests for product images ~ more of them. Well here it is. Today’s post is featuring the 8×8 hinged Album. There are multiple options now for the hinged album including cloth, leather, and photographic covers. This one is my personal favorite with leather on the binding and yet you still get your custom cover.

All albums have a custom designed template to match the session. There are 10 spreads or 20 pages (each side = a page). The albums usually hold a minimum of 25 images. Now my 8×8 albums are hinged albums. They lay flat but are not the flush mounts.  What does that mean? It means it has the thinner pages. They are stiffer than regular paper but no near as thick as the flush mounts. It makes it more affordable for my client. I list a price for an 8×8 album, but if you are interested in something bigger or smaller there are options.

After someone has a session with me I ask them to choose anywhere from 25-30 images that are their very favorites. From there the artist in me goes wild. I hope you enjoy Kaitlyn’s Senior Photo Album.

As you can see in the upper image – the pages are card stock quality. That makes in stand up really wall. Pages do not bend as easily as a regular book.

The spine is leather and as you can see – the folds are finished professionally. Your product is guaranteed the best and inspected by myself before it ever comes to you.

Lay flat is just that. When a book opens it is usually bound directly to the spine. The hinged albums have a hinging mechanism that allows the book to open and lay flat. This works amazingly for displaying on coffee tables, receptions, and simply for viewing. The entire image is in your view and not down in a crease.

The hinged albums start with a single page first on the right.

The paper preference that is standard on my hinged albums is a pearl paper. The sheen is very lovely and compliments the art perfectly. Even though it is the standard you can still request for Luster pages instead at no additional cost.

Below you can see the sheen from the last page of this album too. The nice thing about the pearl used here is that although it has a sheen it is not so distracting to disturb you while looking at your images. Instead the pearl enhances the images to look ever so elegant. Some would say romantic.

I have included the spreads so you can see one of my many designs and how it is utilized. I do offer more simple designs for those who prefer just a white or black background.

The last page is a page rather than a spread as well. You can see the black paper to the side that helps protect the page. Each page designed to showcase your images in the best light possible.

So when you come for your photo session ~ keep in mind our amazing and very affordable Hinged Albums.
CJ Wilkes


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