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Capturing Your Dance In The Rain is such a thrill and joy to me. Being able to look back on those special times through beautiful artistic imagery makes it a worthwhile challenge.
Learning to Dance in the Rain has been very easy for me. I am drawn to Water & Life! The exciting part for me is to teach you to enjoy your moment in the dance as I capture it from behind my camera.
Looking forward to Capturing Your Dance In The Rain
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Weekend Starting Spring Break 2014

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

March 30, 2014 ~ The kids are all home from school for spring break and they are taking turns being sick. Oh joy! The nice part though, is that they will sit and watch a movie with me while we do the folding of laundry. They will go in corners and read books. If the sun is out and no rain in sight, they will also find their way outdoors to lounge under the TeePee Poles. Moments like this are what makes the sick days bearable for me. Thank goodness, this day they allowed me to come up with my posse to go all Paparazzi on them. Hee Hee! Love my kids!

When my kids are sick they sport one to two favorite blankets. They lounge in their dad’s art shirts (adult size) with pj bottoms. Of coarse that alone is adorable – but then they go and treat each other like they are the best friends in the world ALWAYS! Reading, building, playing. I don’t deserve so much cuteness – but will take it!


I love that my husband made them a TeePee. Unfortunately, the outer lining did not survive the wind and rain here. No matter, the kids will play with it still. Here they dragged out a bean bag and blankets, with a favorite comic book.


Of coarse these guys knew we were about – but it did not stop them from their brother time, reading. So grateful for my kids willingness to assist me at all times. There is no way I could do it without some help. Since moving, finding assistants has not been easy. The wind here was CRAZY! Well, umbrellas and wind make a funny combination as Mimi found out here.

PS – I love my crazy huge umbrella! So awesome for sessions. It has protected me and my camera from downpours so many times! A must have!






Shortly after the breeze started up and we knew we needed to go in. We settled in to watch Sunny with a Chance of Meatballs 2 when I saw something fly into a tree just out my window. It was an owl! I ran to fetch my camera with my 70-200mm lens. Got the settings where I wanted them, opened the door as silently as possible. Unfortunately, the camera is not all that silent. I was able to poke the lens out the door and take 3 pictures of the owl just outside my window. It then decided that the shutter release was too loud for its liking and flew off. But I got it! I got it! It was a lucky and fantastic moment for myself and the children. They keep telling me how they watched as the owl spinned it’s head around one direction and then the next.




All in all I consider the day a successful day. So many moments captured to keep our memories alive!  Thanks for taking time to look.





Girls just love to have FUN!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

These girls are sisters. This was actually from a family shoot that I did individual images of the kid too. Do you still see my theme in the work? Water tends to be a big part of most of it. LOL I am not going to apologize because I feel at home near the water. Nature in general but water in particular. Anyhow, the girls in these next images are some of the most amazing, beautiful girls I have met to date. The eldest not only is a beautiful person – she truly has pipes of an angel and is so stinking intelligent. Had I not recognized her American accent, I would have totally thought she was European with her extensive word bank + usage. She talks like an author. I know if I want to smile, spending the day with this family always does the trick. I will bring their brother, mother and family images to you maybe tomorrow. For now I have to show you how fun this session was!

Girls that have curly hair or red hair ROCK! I love the body, the color! Never be ashamed of it!


Sisters – Some have asked what makes a great black and white. You know – each image speaks for itself, but I love this conversion because the focus goes to the girls walking towards the water. To me it is more powerful because there are no colors to distract from the moment that was meant to be.


Sometimes the water just sneaks up on you – much like life. I find it is all in how you deal with it that makes the difference.


Sure – it can be a pain to deal with getting wet – but once you are already wet you simply have to walk out of it or wait for it to recede.  And while waiting you might as well, stomp or jump a little here and there. Enjoy it while it lasts!




Each person has their own way of drying off or shaking it out. LOL


The great thing about water is that it dries – meanwhile, why let it affect your day out on the beach. Miss G. looks so at home in this setting. The breeze loves her and her hair. The water comes and kisses her toes from time to time, and all the while she sports a radiant smile!


If you are going to get wet – why not enjoy it? Make a splash! Jump into a puddle! If you are going to do it then do it good!




Have you heard of sticking your feet in the sand and feeling it as it gets in between your toes. Wiggling your toes around in the sand? Well, I can attest to the fact that this is the perfect setting and moment to do that very thing! Nothing better!


I am one of those photographers that does not care if your hair flies everywhere or if it gets into your face – but sometimes it is beautiful when one pulls their hair back revealing life’s simple pleasures in their expressions.


Here where we live we have a mix of beaches to choose from. This particular one is at the jetty – that is where all the rocks come from. They make for some fun rock hopping, climbing, balancing.


Getting tired of the waves playing tag with her feet – she begins to walk up on the beach. Well, the water was not having any of that and just kept coming for more splashing around.


As the water recedes and then rolls back to splash the rocks Miss G. enjoys the dryer sand – kicking up some more fun.




I love the fact that Miss G can go from all play to complete sophistication within moments.


There is no mistaking big sister is FUN – but I think the whole family is going to have a run for their money with this spitfire! She is a bundle of firecrackers keeping you on your toes. She is as cute as cute gets!


That fact that she stayed still enough for a picture at age 2 was AMAZING. She seemed right at home nestled in the rocks and sand.


What cracked me up is that nothing got by her though. She has her eye on everyone around us!


Her latest trick, the ability to blow spit bubbles. Who can resist a good spit bubble kiss?


Not me, because when she is done – the look of accomplishment on her face is priceless!


Every mom remembers her baby playing Peek a Boo with her.


Well, after playing such a cutesy game, you can literally see the gears cranking in her little noggen. :D


As you can tell, she had so much fun she just had to lick some rocks!  I tell you! Girls are born knowing Just How To Have Fun!


Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Samantha is so stylish and at the same time very refined.  She is reserved but full of life as well.  Seeing her blossoming into the most amazing young woman is very cool.  I think she will go far in this life with her attitude!  It was such a joy for me to do your school pictures Samantha.  Thank you!

Getting the smiles out are the challenge but oh so worth it.  Thankfully Samantha was so great at smiling I did not have to work hardly at all!!!

You did an amazing job Samantha!!!  Thanks again :)

Rebekah = Happy with a spark of pizazz!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Again, loving the school pictures this year.  Rebekah was a perfect little model.  She got to the spot and started striking a pose and giving it her best grins without any encouragement needed from me.  It was AWESOME.  If only every child were so easy.  It is so fun as a photographer to see such a bright fun loving individual who knows their own mind :)  I am looking forward to doing another session with her for sure!!!  After all – look at her SMILE: SO CUTE!

Just looking at these it brings me back to the session.  She would shift this way and strike her pose, then ever so slightly shift and strike her pose – then of coarse another subtle but well thought out rearranging and she was ready again!  I loved it!  Mom was smiling as big as can be too because this was Rebekah having her own moment and it was priceless!

Rebekah, next time we will spend much longer with a full session rather than a mini session, K hun!?  Thanks for being so awesome!



Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Fun and full of life – that is Olivia.  One of my favorite things to do is school pictures.  Each year your child changes so much & the mile marker that shows that is the yearly images taken.  Looking back on the old images and then to the new is such a bittersweet moment.  Here are some special ones I took of Olivia.  Thanks hun – we need to do this again!

Something to remember is that getting pictures at school is not your only option.  Doing a mini session in your child’s own environment will be ever so dear to you as you look back on the memories.

There is nothing like your best friend either.  Taking the opportunity to have a session where I come to you in your setting also gives you the opportunity to bring out your own childs personality and showcase the things or people that mean the world to them.

Thank you again Olivia for letting me capture this year for you and your family!


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